Frequently Asked Questions

Store Account & Purchase

How do I buy products?

Each purchased product will be bound to your personal account, so you need to create one first.


Where can I download my purchased products?

You have to log into your account and visit your Purchased Products page.

Purchased Products

I bought a product, but it's not listed under my purchased products!

You can download your product as soon as the payment was confirmed. This may take a few minutes. If it takes longer than one hour, you may want to contact us for further information about your order.

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I forgot my account password!

To get a new password, use the form on the Forgot Password page.

Forgot Password?

How do I change my E-Mail address?

To avoid abuse of an account, it is not possible to change your address. If you REALLY need to change it, in case of loss or provider change, please contact us.

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Rapid Synthesizer

Can I get a Demo Version?

Yes, you can download a time limited demo version.

Get Demo

How do I use Rapid?

You can download and read the user guide on this page.

User Guide

Can I install Rapid on more than one computer?

Yes, you are allowed to install and activate our products on all your personally owned devices.

Can I use the Rapid Synthesizer in commercial music productions?

Yes, of course. No limitations or royalties!

Is Rapid still being developed?

Yes, we will add new features and improvements. Take a look at our roadmap.


How do I get new updates and how much will it cost?

All future updates of Rapid are free. You can download the newest version on your purchased products page.

Purchased Products

Where should I put the supplied drum samples?

The drum samples are actually already included within the multi-samples. The ZIP drum packs, like that comes with the factory content, are optional. You can put them anywhere on your drive and use them directly in your DAW or preferred sampler. It's just for convenience.

I dropped a wave file onto the oscillator display. Import doesn't work!?

You have to create a User Library first. Open the oscillator browser and click on LIBRARY in the bottom left and create one with New.. by entering a name.

I started Rapid like normally, but this time there's no sound!

Try clicking on the content button in the top row to open the Extension Manager. Are the Factory Sounds still shown as installed and activated (two green check marks)?
If not you may want to install or activate them again. Click on activate extensions in the bottom right and perform a new activation.

Please note: Importing older license.txt will not work. You have to request a new one.