Stunning Sound. Fast Workflow.

Combine multiple synthesis layers to achieve powerful and dynamic sounds. Control every aspect of your patch by fine-tuning each layer separately.

Universal Sound

RAPID shines in various colors and genres. From hard bass wobbles to soft envolving spectral pads, dynamic synth solos or bright key attacks. Provided with the possiblitiy to layer and shape your sound with complex fx-chains, anything is possible. But hear for yourself.

Check out our audio examples below to get an insight into the numerous variants of sounds you can create with RAPID.
Each sound you hear in the showcase is also avaible as separate sound preset within the default Factory Sounds library, already included in RAPID.

Factory Sounds (Demo Showcase)


Morphable Wavetables & Multi-Samples

Super clean alias-free oscillators capable of playing high-quality wavetables and multi-samples. Each oscillator can generate up to 8 unison voices and apply several insert effects, like Phase Modulation, Phase Bending, Ring Modulation, Hard Sync and more.

Optimized for performance and load times you can use up to 8 layers, each with 3 oscillators, several possible modulations and multiple effect stacks. This allows you to build fat and complex sounds with only one instance.

Boring and thin patches belong to the past.

Modulate Everything.

Easily Drag & Drop modulation sources on any knob or slider. You can directly set the modulation depth in the main interface without bothersome switching to a hidden modulation page.

The real modulated value is directly previewed on the respective control, for a better understanding of what is happening in complex patches.

Drag & Drop Modulation

Sequences. Quick and Easy

A simple sequence can breathe life into your sound. However, spending to much time on automations is often bothersome. Instead you can use the various step sequences to modulate parameters.

Choose from a set of useful shapes and simply edit single steps. Or quickly browse between previously created sequence presets.

You can also work with loop points, shuffle rhytmh, oneshot mode and different speeds.

Powerful Arpeggiator

Building harmonies and keeping an overview over complex note sequences is sometimes exhausting. With the dynamic arpeggiator this is no longer a problem.

Each layer can use a separate one, playable with different modes, speeds and patterns.

You can even import and export note sequences from external MIDI files.


Lots of tools

Each layer has its own modulation matrix and adjustable modulations sources. Many LFOs, Envelopes and other modulation sources allow for creative sound design.

Quickly copy & paste parameter settings from one modulator to another, or save them as preset for later use. You can even copy a whole layer to quickly stack and combine existing layers to massively complex patches.

Effect Stack

Each layer has a separate fx-chain with 7 sortable slots, which can choose from 18 available effect types. Of course all knobs within the effects slots are modulatable by different layer modulators. It is also possible to route one layer to another to increase the complexity of your fx-chains.

We designed an especially smooth algorithmic reverb, ideally for giving your dry patch the certain extra dimension.

Dual Delay

Fast Workflow

No more unnecessary complex setups, or fiddling arround with your DAW. Quickly layer enormous sounds and save them for later use.

Thanks to the fast preset browser, macro and quick-modifier knobs, you can easily mix, compress and shape existing sound. They will instantly fit in your production!

What you will get

Enormous Sounds and a fast Workflow
8 Layers - each with its own Modulation and Effect Stack

650+ carefully crafted Sound Presets
250+ Wavetables
190+ Multi-Samples
210+ Modulator Presets
220+ Effect Presets

8 Oscillator Effects
20 Filter Types
7 Insert Effects
12 Layer Effects
finally a good sounding Synth Reverb
4 Envelopes, LFOs and Sequences per Layer
Trancegate and Sidechain
intelligent Arpeggiator
3-Band Equalizer and Master Compressor/Limiter

A Synthesizer for the future as RAPID will be developed further to bring you new synthesis modules.

Rapid Synthesizer

RAPID Synthesizer


(Incl. Tax 20% )



Aside from normal Soundsets available through 3rd Party Sound-Designers, we distribute a special form of expandability through RAPID EXTENSIONS. These individual packages expand the standard sound browser by providing new wavetables, multi-samples, sound presets and additional tools. Passed through the high quality assurance of our sound design team, we only offer the most carefully crafted presets and samples, to enable you a compact and fast way to increase your scope of musical possibilities. We design for operational readiness and creativity and ensure all presets are ready for both production and performance. You will hear the difference.

Every EXTENSION will be themed in the direction of a specific genre, mood, style or application. Dependent on your wishes, we will also incorporate your needs and will regulary analyze the market, to only offer the most enhanced state of the art sound.