RAPID Synthesizer - Demo

You want to try out the software before you buy it? Then this is the right place for you. Here you can download a free demo version.
Or you would like a brief insight into the software? Check out the General Features.

RAPID Synthesizer RAPID Synthesizer RAPID Synthesizer
Download Rapid 1.1.0 - 26. August 2017
Installer for Windows (302 MB)
32-bit and 64-bit VST 2 plug-ins
Installer for MacOS X (300 MB)
64-bit Audio Unit and VST 2 plug-ins

The full version contains much more sound presets, wavetables and multisamples. For more information about the included content look up the Product Description.

This is a preview version for demonstration purposes and therefore not fully functional. You can open and play a few demo sounds and use all synthesis feature. You can't save sound presets and have to restart the application after 20 minutes of use.

Only for personal and review purposes. You may not use the demo application for commercial purposes.