Version History

The following section lists all additions, changes and fixes of each software version through time.

1.8.8 - 19. November 2023

  • Display the current value when setting a sequence step.
  • Improved slow preset loading in Ableton with VST3 caused by many parameter changes, especially with connected MIDI hardware controllers.
  • Adjusted note trigger timing, for loop cases, that resulted in note drop/hang in some DAWs.
  • Text Editors in Edit Window wrongly lost their highlight when using mouse clicks.
  • Adjusted HiDPI UI scaling for some DAWs.
  • Restored compatibility for some Windows 7 SDK versions.
  • Changed mouse cursor hide behavior for AU in Logic & GarageBand.
  • Avoid crash during activation in ARM64 host caused by message window.
  • Updated general compatibility for VST3, DAWs and OSs.

1.8.7 - 23. December 2022

  • Quick import for oscillator content drag and drop.
  • Oscillator source browser now opens the page of the selected content.
  • Hold command or control key during quick import to choose multi-sample method.
  • Warning message on drag and drop import if no user library exists.
  • Initial UI scaling on non auto-scale was doubled in some DAWs.
  • Use scaled assets and texture filtering to reduce magnification artifacts if the OS uses additional dpi scaling.
  • Edit Preset Info in 1.8.6. was not working correctly in multiple instances.
  • Various VST3 compatibility updates.
  • More performant voicing display waveform drawing with GPU renderer.
  • Redraw functions are now triggered by monitor vblank.

1.8.6 - 20. November 2022

  • VST3 Support.
  • Preset Browser: Right arrow key loads the currently selected preset.
  • Routing: Insert/Remove Routing Entries.
  • OpenGL Capability Test, to get information about the used graphics driver, in case of problems with GPU Renderer mode.
  • Removed framerate options. This is now adaptive.
  • Lastly saved or loaded preset locations are now memorized seperately.
  • Moved the macro +Route drag icon to the right of the knob to avoid overlap.
  • Changed preset information and MIDI import dialogs to internally managed dialogs.
  • Preset browser information is only shown when hovering over entries and holding ctrl or command key.
  • Tooltips setting was not saved.
  • Presets with # character in their name couldn't be marked as favorite.
  • Reduced OpenGL surface slowdown in DAWs that couldn't handle multiple open accelerated UI instances at the same time.
  • Improved Glitch time jump declick.
  • Adjusted sample accuracy of Glitch sequences for high PPQ values.
  • Improved smoothing for Multiband Saturator gain modulatiom.
  • Routing selection behavior on load, resize and reopen.
  • Don't grab keyboard focus on layer button label click.
  • Various DAW compatibility additions.
  • Dynamic colour tint for editor windows and source browser theme.
  • HDR bloom effect added. Normal and Fancy mode.

1.8.5 - 15. December 2020

  • New effect: Chorus X.
  • New effect: Vintagizer.
  • New insert: Sample and Hold.
  • Preset search: Sort by type, name, bank or date.
  • Filter presets by type tags, keywords, bank or author.
  • Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Rename and Browse functionality for preset entries in the browser.
  • Drag and Drop preset entries to other banks.
  • Preset favorites: Can be marked by a star and are now browsable in the favorite view.
  • Preset collections: Reference presets in multiple favorite lists.
  • Layer Loading: Drag and Drop preset entries onto layer buttons to load the first layer.
  • New Options: Set the default output level to 0, -3, -6, -9 or -12 dBFS.
  • Compability for MacOS 11 (Big Sur) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) platform.
  • Increased bitcrusher fx rate reduction accuracy at high frequencies.
  • Currently selected bank and preset row is now restored if the plugin instance is reloaded or duplicated.
  • Deleting user library samples will now move the files to the trash bin.
  • Removed preset browser "One-Click" loading option. This can be done now by using the middle mouse button, or shift key + left click, or command key + left click.
  • Changing the bank/preset sort order will now retain the selected row.
  • Hanging note events in some DAWs that unusually triggered on/off when stopping or using a visual keyboard.
  • Hanging notes due to small loops in arpeggiator MIDIs that had adjacent notes at the end of the loop.
  • Avoid out of bounds index access when resynthesizing samples with very low root note resampling ratios.
  • Changed the oscillator source browser colour scheme to a dark theme.
  • Added hover states for preset and content lists.
  • 54 Chorus X Presets.
  • 45 Vintagizer Presets.
  • 29 Rapid FX Presets.
  • 9 Feature Presets.

1.8.0 - 23. July 2020

  • Granular Synthesis.
  • Value indicator in the top information display now shows the value of the lastly changed parameter.
  • Dropdown parameters (e.g Filter Type) now support the mouse wheel input to quickly scroll through values.
  • Force Loop options is now available when importing singe samples without a loop.
  • Massively reduced wavetable load times!!!
  • Multi-Sample loading improved. Decoder is now multi-threaded.
  • Voicing display waveform sample rate is now synced up to the currently played note.
  • Master Compressor now displays the gain reduction curves if active.
  • Added Constant and Constant x 0.1 to context menu modulations sources.
  • If a sample is shown in the oscillator display, the phase position is now settable by clicking into it.
  • Increased maximum number of preset author characters from 16 to 24.
  • Phase Bend Mid A table calculation was out of range at 180 degrees.
  • Very short duplicated note on/off events within a buffer got stuck at the end of pattern loops.
  • Allow internal stereo processing if plugin is inserted on mono channel configurations.
  • Show "bypassed" warning instead of license check button.
  • Blurry context menu icons are now sharper at scales above 100%.
  • Avoid visible waveform glitches in voicing and multi-band display.
  • If monophon, legato, always glide off and voice is in release state, don't glide the note pitch.
  • The initial aftertouch value of new arpeggiator notes is now correctly redirected from the previous note.
  • Free sound package "Granular Elements".
  • 155 Multi-Samples.
  • 59 Sounds Presets.

1.7.0 - 29. October 2019

  • New oscillator insert effect: Sync Bend A & B.
  • New oscillator insert effect: Organic Drift.
  • New filter: Lowpass-Pro 12dB and 24dB.
  • New filter: Xtreme Lowpass II.
  • New insert: Attack Booster.
  • New insert: Lowpass Highpass 12dB. Serial & Parallel.
  • New Reverb models: Nuclear, Solar, Nova and Space.
  • New Talker FX formant modes "Mate", "Babe" and "Daft".
  • Modulations targets now show an icon in the top left corner when routed.
  • Routing amount is now directly settable from the corresponding target knob.
  • Solo layers. Right-click the layer button LED to toggle solo states. Holding Command-key (CTRL) to un-solo all.
  • BPM synced rates in modulators and other modules are now routable as target.
  • Oscillator context menu now contains a reset function.
  • New Option: One-Click loading of sound presets within the preset browser.
  • Quickly change dropdown parameters with Command-key (CTRL) plus Left- or Right-click to select the previous or next parameter value.
  • Increased modulation value interpolation accuracy.
  • Increased sub-buffer midi offset accuracy.
  • Smoother UI parameter change interpolation.
  • Voice stealing now has an immediate effect on active voices according to the voice limit.
  • Improved voice stealing heuristic, so oldest voices are robbed first.
  • Arpeggiator timing is now modulatable.
  • If a routing entry gets in focus, the position is now always in a visible area.
  • Reordered context menu entries in the routing target selection.
  • Additional DC Filter on Glitch declick values greater than 50%.
  • Increased layer name character maximum to 10.
  • Very high MIDI mode arpeggiator loops used an invalid note index.
  • MIDI note events are now cleared when switching from a preset with MIDI data to one without.
  • MB Saturator. Corrected per band ring modulator phases.
  • Moving the sequence loop point now avoids unpredictable jumps.
  • When changing BPM synced rates in modulators the index now continues at the correct position.
  • Sequences now begin at the start of each step when using a mode with random phase.
  • Arpeggiator phase in UI now shows a more precise shuffle timing.
  • Arpeggiator MIDI note off events at the end of the sequence, on rare occasions, were not triggered correctly.
  • Improved monophonic voice mode. Phases and envelopes now continue smoothly when retriggering a note.
  • Improved fade out of robbed voice release state when the voice limit is reached.
  • After reloading, Ensemble FX damping was only updated when changing the knob value.
  • Time based effect interpolations are now correctly initialized on preset/state change.
  • Added new "Modern" theme as default.
  • Replaced and unified all fonts.
  • Moved master compressor display up and band control knobs down.
  • Changed layout of master modifiers.
  • Added beat markers to trancegate display.
  • Arpeggiator note tooltip shows note key value and velocity percent.
  • Increased frame count of knobs and wheels.
  • Polaris and Crimson theme don't use pattern backgrounds anymore.
  • Replaced "Gold" theme with "Titanium".
  • Removed "Paradise" and "Retro" theme.
  • Various layout adjustments of knob and label positions.
  • Various small pixel enhancement and rounded corners.
  • Various color adjustments in different color themes.
  • Style Data version changed to 1.7.
  • 93 Rapid FX Presets.
  • 18 Rapid FX Templates.
  • 24 Feature Presets.
  • 14 Sound Presets.
  • 75 Sequences.
  • 38 Reverb Presets.
  • 17 Dual Delay Presets.
  • 17 Saturator Presets.
  • 13 Delay Presets.
  • 7 Trancegate Presets.

1.6.1 - 7. December 2018

  • The UI is now correctly scaled when using the OpenGL Renderer on High DPI displays on certain Mac versions.
No changes on Windows.

1.6.0 - 6. December 2018

  • New oscillator insert effect: Phase Modulation from Oscillator.
  • New oscillator insert effect: Ring Modulation from Oscillator.
  • New oscillator insert effect: Phase Modulation Feedback.
  • New effect: Multiband Saturator.
  • New effect: Glitch.
  • New effect: Tonal Delay.
  • New effect: Tapestop.
  • Reverb size mode: "Pipe". Even shorter than "Room".
  • Changed the 1/12 & 1/16 sequencer grid to variable steps.
  • The label text of FX-AMOUNT & FX-FACTOR is now dependent on the selected insert effect.
  • Modulator & effect presets starting with the same word are now grouped into a sub menu.
  • Previous and next browsing for sound presets now jumps relative to the lastly selected preset.
  • Style Data version changed to 1.6.
  • Disable non-valid insert effect knobs when switching to multi-sample sources.
  • Aftertouch on LFO/Sequence speed was ignored for global voices. Thanks G.P. !
  • Preset type string "Solo" was not displayed after clicking apply.
  • Modulation preview of oscillator fx-factor was sometimes hidden.
  • Selected presets now stay highlighted when plugin UI is reopened or resized.
  • Send FX Volume Slider was sometimes dependent on the previous channel value.
  • 134 Arpeggiator patterns.
  • 86 Sequences.
  • 76 Saturator presets.
  • 11 Tapestop presets.
  • 21 Tonal Delay presets.

1.5.1 - 25. September 2018

  • Copy & Paste filter settings.
  • Copy & Paste for effect slots.
  • Allow GUI resize down to 50%.
  • Oscillator insert effect amount now uses an uni- bipolar knob, depending on the selected type.
  • Copy & Paste of modulator/effect presets now resets parameters not contained to their default value.
  • Removed clicks in Random Glide LFO on active Mono|Arp when switching a random values.
  • Module slots in the effects can be set be to empty again.
  • At 210% and above, the pre-rendered display images are now correctly resampled.
  • GUI size is now correctly restored some hosts (e.g. Apple Logic).
  • Added missing tooltips for insert effect Mirror A, B, C.
  • Corrected various tooltips.

1.5.0 - 20. September 2018

  • Resizeable GUI.
  • GUI 'Themes' are now switchable via options menu.
  • Draggable GUI resizer in the bottom right corner.
  • Graphics rendering via OpenGL (CPU is still available via options).
  • Pitch and modulation wheels on master page.
  • Stereo balance for mixer and send channels.
  • Individual oscillators can now enable skip of filter and insert.
  • Key ranges are now move- and resizeable via mouse wheel.
  • Quick Modifier for Pitch, Mix-Voice, Mix-Delay and Mix-Reverb on master page.
  • Sidechain position marker and preview.
  • Holding shift when setting sequence steps now locks the selected shape.
  • New types Formant A & B for filter module.
  • New oscillator insert effects : Asymmetric Clip.
  • New oscillator insert effects : Sync Add & Formant Shift.
  • New oscillator insert effects : Bend Side/Mid/Double/Mirror.
  • New oscillator insert effects : Overlap 2x/3x.
  • Layer context menu can now reset all macros.
  • Modulator context menu now contains a reset function.
  • Oscillator display now previews wavetable insert effects in realtime.
  • Oscillator display now shows random range, position, phase and loop marker.
  • LFO and Sequences can now use retrigger modes 'First Note' and 'First Input'.
  • Velocity meter plus note value in headline.
  • Previous and next buttons for modulator and effect presets.
  • Added various copy & paste context menus for textfields.
  • Application options menu is now available by clicking the RAPID logo.
  • Mix modules uses gain parameter from insert plus balance per voice.
  • Mix module can reorder the processing of filter and insert.
  • Reduced key range minimum to one. Double click to reset to a default range.
  • Adding a modulation via drag and drop now uses a default routing amount greater than zero.
  • When loading another preset the current layer now stays selected.
  • If the voicing count is set to 1, mono legato now uses a monophonic mode and retriggers envelopes.
  • Voicing wavescope is turned off if scale is set to zero.
  • Popup Menu for BPM Sync times (normal, triplet, dotted ) now uses three columns.
  • Envelope position marker now also previews delay time phase.
  • LFO waveform now displays the actual output value as marker with circle head.
  • LFO waveform now uses a different fill method when in bipolar mode.
  • LFO waveform now displays the actual random values for hold and glide mode.
  • Sequences now display a time phase marker at rates below 8Hz.
  • Preset browser now shows ellipses if the text is too long to display.
  • Increased arpeggiator octaves control mouse drag sensibility.
  • Reduced phase artifacts in oscillator insert under certain conditions.
  • Sample playback preview is now displayed relative to pitch.
  • Invalid or zero loop ranges now correctly play oneshots instead of silent loops.
  • Increased comb filter accuracy at high frequencies.
  • Copy & Paste in context menu for most parameters.
  • Midi Learn is now available for almost all external parameters.
  • Multi-Sample preview is only rendered when displayed, decreasing preset loading times.
  • Pre-Render of multi-sample previews is now multi-threaded.
  • Reduced unnecessary re-draws of running arpeggiator patterns.
  • Reduced re-draw performance of wavescope buffers.
  • Removed modulator preview value runtime alloctations.
  • Removed legato voice nodes runtime allocations.
  • Speedup voice buffer mixing process.

1.1.0 - 26. August 2017

  • New source browser design.
  • Support for user content libraries.
  • Wavetable import (incl. resampling to table root frequency).
  • Sample import (incl. loop points, at any input samplerate).
  • Sample Resynthesis. Converts the spectral content of an input sample into a multi-sample.
  • Drag & Drop sound files onto oscillator displays to quickly import new content.
  • Auto map multiple input samples to the whole keyboard range.
  • Import formats (RIFF WAV, AIFF).
  • Sortable and renamable source browser categories and entries.
  • Separate Wavetable & Multi-Sample tabs.
  • Remove modulation option in context menu now shows all routings of a control.
  • Tooltips typos.
  • Default VST program name, needed for some VST hosts/wrappers.
  • Increased loop wrap accuracy.
  • Left and right channel was swapped during resampling.
  • Sample playback preview now shows the actual waveform when oscillator keytrack is turned off.
  • Reduced Wavetable load times.
  • Reduced Multi-Sampler load times.
  • Faster drawing for source browser entries.
  • Removed some runtime allocations.
  • Reduced preset parser load times.
  • Multisample pre-render Quality option. There was no real improvement on high setting.

1.0.4 - 15. March 2017

  • Sustain Pedal Hold.
  • Aftertouch & Channel Pressure.
  • Midi CC Learn/Unlearn.
  • VST/AU Parameter recording.
  • Named MIDI CC.
  • Master mixer faders now also use a context menu.
  • Preset info box now disappears after a few seconds.
  • Poly note now retriggers sustained note.
  • Rare note off miss in arpeggiator patterns.

1.0.3 - 17. December 2016

  • Support for Audio Unit and VST on MacOS X.
No changes on Windows.

1.0.2 - 12. November 2016

  • Copy & Paste oscillator settings.
  • Some hosts ignored MIDI notes on samplerates greater than 44kHz.

1.0.1 - 26. October 2016

  • Enable/Disable tooltip messages.
  • String errors.
  • Tooltip errors.
  • Rare layer change crash.
  • Content browser cover image leak.

1.0.0 - 2. October 2016

  • Official Public Release