Start your automatic ground launch sequencer. Prepare the auxiliary power unit. T-10 seconds. Main engine start. Liftoff! Intergalactic and nebulous in quality, your journey into deep space can begin now. With a heavy focus on frequency- and otherwise modulated wavetables as well as spectral samples, you can expect celestial and cosmic pads and textures, full of shimmering and enigmatic sweeping motions. Cosmic and crystal clear keys, leads and sparkling arpeggios. Alien-like shaped and formed synth life forms and basses. Like a supernova, synthesized components will create new elements and enrich your production like an interstellar medium. Suited for a wide range of Electronica genres. From fast paced Sci-Fi sequences to calm and outer space Downtempo Ambient. Infinite possibilities. Like Space!

Supernova is a new sound extension for the RAPID Synthesizer, designed to excite your production with an "intergalactic and cosmic quality". Included are new wavetables, multi-samples, drum samples and presets, ready for sound design and music production.

Demo Showcase | SoundCloud

Extra Content
All 12 projects created for the demo showcase are additionally included as FL Studio 20 project files. Don't worry if you don't use FL Studio, this is a mere bonus. It's not necessary and the extension is fully functional without it.
No external plugins beside Rapid 1.6.0 and the basic FL Studio 20 Producer Edition plugins were used. You can fully replicate the sound and build upon it.

Project Files | YouTube



  • 1.0

Extension Size

  • 843 MB


  • Online Download


  • 132 Sound Presets
  • 32 Melody/Bass/Drum Presets from the Demo Showcase


  • 58 Wavetables
  • 88 Multi-Samples
  • 144 Oneshot Drum Samples (44.1 kHz, Stereo, 16-bit WAV)

Sound Categories

  • 19 x Arp
  • 16 x Pad
  • 15 x Bass
  • 14 x Keys
  • 12 x Lead
  • 9 x Melody
  • 6 x Bell
  • 6 x Effect
  • 5 x Pluck
  • 5 x Sequence
  • 5 x Solo
  • 4 x Mallet
  • 4 x Splitted
  • 3 x Organ
  • 3 x Woodwind
  • 2 x Synth
  • 2 x Texture
  • 1 x Brass
  • 1 x Drumloop

Content List

Bonus Content

Project Files

  • 12 Projects Files (Zipped Loop Packages) for the use with FL Studio 20 and above.
System Requirements


  • RAPID Synthesizer


  • at least 900 MB free disk space

Copy Protection

  • Online Activation


  • Mirko Ruta
Rapid Extension
XT Name Supernova

XT - Supernova

  • Product Code: XT 8
  • 49.99€

  • (Incl. Tax 20% )

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