Welcome to the user guide, here you can find general information and more specific help topics on using RAPID.

Please note that at any time, this guide will not be 100% complete. On the contrary, because with each new release or update, new features will be added and maybe old features are altered or will finally be removed.

Nevertheless we will try, and as soon as possible, to keep this guide up to date.

1.x.x Feature Roadmap

1.1.0 Newest Version

Version History

1.1.0 - 26. August 2017

  • New source browser design.
  • Support for user content libraries.
  • Wavetable import (incl. resampling to table root frequency).
  • Sample import (incl. loop points, at any input samplerate).
  • Sample Resynthesis. Converts the spectral content of an input sample into a multi-sample.
  • Drag & Drop sound files onto oscillator displays to quickly import new content.
  • Auto map multiple input samples to the whole keyboard range.
  • Import formats (RIFF WAV, AIFF).
  • Sortable and renamable source browser categories and entries.
  • Separate Wavetable & Multi-Sample tabs.
  • Remove modulation option in context menu now shows all routings of a control.
  • Tooltips typos.
  • Default VST program name, needed for some VST hosts/wrappers.
  • Increased loop wrap accuracy.
  • Left and right channel was swapped during resampling.
  • Sample playback preview now shows the actual waveform when oscillator keytrack is turned off.
  • Reduced Wavetable load times.
  • Reduced Multi-Sampler load times.
  • Faster drawing for source browser entries.
  • Removed some runtime allocations.
  • Reduced preset parser load times.
  • Multisample pre-render Quality option. There was no real improvement on high setting.

1.0.4 - 15. March 2017

  • Sustain Pedal Hold.
  • Aftertouch & Channel Pressure.
  • Midi CC Learn/Unlearn.
  • VST/AU Parameter recording.
  • Named MIDI CC.
  • Master mixer faders now also use a context menu.
  • Preset info box now disappears after a few seconds.
  • Poly note now retriggers sustained note.
  • Rare note off miss in arpeggiator patterns.

1.0.3 - 17. December 2016

  • Support for Audio Unit and VST on MacOS X.
No changes on Windows.

1.0.2 - 12. November 2016

  • Copy & Paste oscillator settings.
  • Some hosts ignored MIDI notes on samplerates greater than 44kHz.

1.0.1 - 26. October 2016

  • Enable/Disable tooltip messages.
  • String errors.
  • Tooltip errors.
  • Rare layer change crash.
  • Content browser cover image leak.

1.0.0 - 2. October 2016

  • Official Public Release