Feature Roadmap

New exciting features are in development and will be released with every major update. It's only a matter of time. To bridge this time for curious users, we assembled a list of the planned features and general ideas for future updates. See it as our vision of future development. The priorities can change depending on the wishes of our users. We appreciate your feedback.

This list is not complete and does not guarantee that every feature will be implemented immediately or in any specific order.

Advanced Modulations

Planned for Rapid 1.9 is an enhanced 'Routing Nodes' editor with modular sub-processors.

  • Custom source/target mapping curves.
  • "Via" modulation operator.
  • Procedual Gate sequencer.
  • Scale/Pitch Quantizer.
  • Additional per routing modulators.

Sound Sources

Rapid already provides Wavetables, Multi-Samples, Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation and even Granular Synthesis. Still, there are possibilities for specific sample based sources that ease the creative process.

  • BPM Based Loop Player.
  • Sample Slice Player.

Effect Slots

  • Buffer based Granular FX.
  • Phase Vocoder based Spectral FX.

Workflow Additions

  • Copy/Paste/Save/Load effect stacks.
  • Module Wizard functions.
  • Quick Import.
  • Embedded Presets content.

Extra Functionality

  • Randomizer.
  • Key switches/latches.
  • Arpgeggiator MIDI out.

Last Update: 20. November 2022