Feature Roadmap

Here are some of the planned features and general ideas for future updates. This list is not complete and it's not guaranteed that every feature will be implemented immediately.


  • Solo button for layers.
  • Advanced routing entries with custom mapping curves.
  • Preset Browser search.
  • Preset Browser favorites.
  • Copy & Paste effect stacks.
  • Bandreject filter.


  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
  • AAX Plugin Format
  • Modulator Edit functions.
  • MIDI Program Change compability.

Undecided Features

Dependent on priority of requests.
  • Granular oscillator.
  • Multi-Tap delay.
  • Parameter Value indicator.
  • Enter numerical values from keyboard.
  • Lock parameters.
  • Arpgeggiator MIDI out.
Last Update: 7. December 2018